Container Gardening

DSC05049Container gardens offer a creative solution for a variety of gardening needs. They can be a welcome addition on a balcony or porch where conventional gardening may not be an option; on a deck or patio to add color or help soften hard lines; or in an area of the garden where the soil is poor or difficult to amend. Potted water gardens offer the beauty of a water feature and water plants without the commitment to the space of a full sized pond.  Container gardens are an ideal solution for people in rental situations, those with limited mobility, or inadequate time to care for a large landscape. Herbs, vegetables, annual plants and even shrubs can be grown successfully in containers. Plant choice is limited only by the growing conditions available.  See our DIY container article here.

Whether you are new to gardening or simply have limited leisure time, container gardening may be the answer to your needs.

Grow vegetables like tomatoes in containers right on your patio!  Plus, container gardens can be changed seasonally with minimal effort. Finished harvesting your summer vegetables? Instantly change the look of your container garden with the addition of flowering plants for the fall. Mixing herbs into an annual container can add height, texture and practicality. Blueberry plants and other compact fruits are perfect for containers.  Edible gardening has never been so easy!

DSC07028A variety of cold weather plants do well in containers even through the winter!

A tall evergreen shrub in the center can be surrounded by vinca through the summer and then re-planted with pansies for the fall and winter season.  Many evergreen perennials, like ferns, make fantastic cold weather planters.  Heuchera come in an array of foliage textures, colors and patterns – mix several varieties together or mix them in with other plants.

DSC08227We Make Container Gardens Easy!

We are always available to help you select the best combination of plants for your landscape or a container.  Choose from a wide selection of containers and planters in every material, shape, color and finish! Our staff can help you design a container garden while you are in the garden center ready to buy your plants or get great tips from this article.

DSC09200Our Planting Service

If you are short on time or not up for a new project, we have a solution.  Let us do the work for you! Choose from one of our ready-to-go beautiful designs or  let our talented staff make a custom creation just for you.  Choose a planter or piece of glazed pottery from our garden center or bring a favorite container from home.  We’ll help you choose the best plants based on the location, look and colors you want.  You pay just a percentage of the cost of plant material to cover soil, design and planting.  Call or stop in today!

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