Edible Gardening

There is nothing quite like fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Whether you choose a traditional row garden, containers, or square foot techniques – our professionals can assist you in planning and maintaining a healthy, productive edible garden. We can help you determine the right size garden for you, select plants, and manage pests and other problems. We have everything you need to plan a large vegetable garden or a small container for a patio or balcony.

Premier Home Gardening Selections and Variety!

We carry a variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruit bearing trees, shrubs, and vines. In addition to plants, you will find gardening tools, square foot garden supplies, seeds and containers, as well as a wide selection of soils & amendments, organic fertilizers and organic pest control products.  See our list of articles for a better idea of the types of fruit and vegetable plants we carry.

Organic Gardening, and Non-Synthetic Fertilizers:

Many gardeners are making the choice to grow organically. What does this mean? The short answer is that organic gardeners don’t use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. However, organic growing is much more than what we use and don’t use. It is a philosophy that stresses working in harmony with nature to produce a healthy and productive garden. This includes increasing the natural health of the soil, and attracting beneficial insects. At Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden, we have a full range of products to help you have a healthy and bountiful garden from organic seeds and plants to organic fertilizers, soils, compost, organic pest control and disease management.

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