Fruit Salad From the Patio?

There is a growing trend in edible container gardening. Herbs have long been featured in bowls and mixed into an annual planter.  Lettuce and other leafy greens grow easily in small spaces. Compact tomato varieties have even been cultivated for containers in recent years.  Raised beds and square foot gardening techniques have revolutionized vegetable gardening in urban spaces as well. Did you know there is also a selection of fruits that can be grown in containers on your deck or patio?

are one of the simplest and most common fruits to grow in containers.  Hence the name of the strawberry pot which contains several small openings across the container to grow multiple plants in one container.

The new BrazelBerries plants are revolutionary varieties of ornamental berry plants for the front and center of your landscape or decorative containers.  Peach Sorbet is a compact blueberry with stunning leaves ranging from pink to peach to orange to emerald green.  The white spring flowers fade to a summer harvest of delicious blueberries.  In many climates, this plant is evergreen with leaves changing to dark purple in winter.  Raspberry Shortcake is a thornless compact variety that thrives in containers with no staking required.  Produces full sized, plump and delicious raspberries mid summer.

Another new blueberry variety, ‘Top Hat’ is a compact, self-pollinating variety that produces an abundance of delicious small berries on a single plant.  Perfect for containers!  Blueberries are also attractive enough to be planted within the landscape.  Learn more in our article on blueberries.

Urban Apples are a columnar tree, growing straight up, making them perfect for small spaces such as patios or containers.  They produce pink blossoms in the spring that make way for regular sized apples.  They require sun but will tolerate a variety of soil types and moisture. Available in multiple varieties!

Bonfire Patio Peach is a unique and compact peach tree that does wonderfully in a container.  Select a beautiful pot and it will provide enjoyment season after season.  The beautiful pink blossoms, blooming in early spring, make way for delicious red fleshed fruit framed by purple brushed leaves.  A real gem!

We have many other fruit trees available including apples, citrus, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, cherries, persimmons and pomegranates!  All are suited for this area of North Carolina and selections include many dwarf, compact and self-pollinating varieties for small yards!