Pistachia chinensis – Chinese pistachio

ChinesePistachioClose-up CC by SA Sterry2607 Wiki

Photo courtesy of Sterry2607. Chinese Pistachio Close-up. CC by SA.

The Chinese pistachio is a remarkable specimen tree.  This splendid ornamental turns brilliant orange and crimson in fall.  This plant is the perfect selection for anyone looking to add a durable tree or fall color to their landscape.

The sleek, dark-green leaves of this deciduous tree forms an attractive, spreading, umbrella canopy making it idea for creating a shady area in the yard.  These medium sized trees grow to 25-35 feet, best in full sun.  They are attractive all season but fall is definitely their time to shine.

Well-draining soil amended with organic matter is the ideal growing medium for most any tree but the Chinese pistachio will tolerate a full range of conditions including drought. When established it is very drought tolerant making it a popular choice for Xeriscaping (dry landscaping).  It is also tolerant of heat and urban conditions.  For the best contrast of color and texture, plant Chinese pistachio with a background of evergreen trees.