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Plants are not just the pretty frame to home or work. They are absolutely essential to our life, health and happiness. They clean our air, shelter us from wind and sun, calm us with their beauty and stimulate us with their changing faces. Inside, plants keep our air healthy and add a natural element to our homes.

Outside, they provide a home for the birds and butterflies we love to watch and for the beneficial animals and insects that improve our environment unseen and unnoticed. The great Frederick Law Olmsted knew we could not live without nature, so he created Central Park, the gem at the heart of teeming New York City.

Gardening and Flower Gardens – Lower Your Stress:

We too can create an oasis from the bustling of everyday life, whether we live in a townhouse or on several acres. Avid gardeners, or those of us who just pass through our yard on the way to our home, can all benefit from the plants with which we surround ourselves. Whether you are adding to your existing landscape for personal enjoyment or to increase your curb appeal and property value, plants are an investment in your home. Here at Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden we can provide you with abundant choices and expert advice to turn your landscape from a ho-hum builder’s cookie-cutter yard to the gem at the heart of your life.

With nearly six acres of land here at Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden, we are sure to have everything you’re looking for. We carry an abundant selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals whether you are undertaking a landscaping renovation or simply adding spring color. We work with a variety of nurseries and wholesalers to provide a vast selection of plants from locally grown to ones from more exotic locales.

We have a great selection of houseplants and tropicals and the largest selection of orchids in the state coming from as far as Florida and Hawaii.



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