Perennials are wonderful plants for the landscape or containers that return year after year!  They help define the seasons with their yearly progression of foliage and flowers. Peonies and irises make way for verbenas and lantanas, which bloom throughout the hottest summer days. Daylilies and daisies take us through the summer, until the asters and chrysanthemums burst out in the fall. In winter, we enjoy the blooms of the hellebores, the foliage of the huecheras, and dormant grasses provide texture and movement.  Many other perennials leave behind flower heads and seed pods to be delicately etched with frost and for the birds to feast on.

Atlantic Avenue Garden and Orchid – Your Choice For Perennials

We have a great selection of perennials that provide flowers and stunning foliage for every season, from the sunniest bed to the shadiest corner.

Our attentive staff will gladly help you find the perfect plant for every nook in your yard.

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