Trees are the single most important part of the landscape. They define the character and shape of the yard and determine the placement of all the plants within their area. They offer shade, a home for birds and other wildlife. They can help define the character of a neighborhood. After all, what would Oakwood be without its magnificent oaks?  Trees can also increase the value of your property.

istock_000004030765xsmallChoosing The Right Trees For Your Home:

Selecting a tree that is appropriate for your space is important. The mighty oak will not fit on a quarter acre lot. Placing is equally important. A well placed tree can significantly lower heating and cooling costs by offering shade to the house in the summer while letting in light in winter. Trees can enliven a yard with vibrant spring foliage, blazing fall color and delicate branch structure and intriguing bark texture in winter. And of course flowering trees provide bursts of color to every season. Learn more about selecting the right tree.

Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden is Raleigh’s Premier Tree Nursery!

We can help you pick the trees that are just right for your yard from our extensive stock of both shade and ornamental trees. We will help you consider size, color and placing, and tell you how to plant and care for your new addition to your landscape.

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