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DSC08129In addition to North Carolina’s largest selection of orchids, our 5,000 square foot greenhouse is home to a vast selection of houseplants and tropicals including a vast selection of indoor plants suitable for the home or office. We carry plants in all shapes, sizes and lighting requirements, from more familiar selections such as ferns, african violets, peace lilies and philodendrons, to unusual varieties of orchids, air plants, succulent plants and more. Houseplants add a natural element to your décor while helping to provide cleaner, healthier air. It is often said that having two to three houseplants in each room can drastically improve air quality in the home or office.  Indoor plants also reduce stress and increase happiness.

DSC00102Choosing The Right Houseplant For You:

Many people think that growing tropical plants indoors can only be accomplished in a greenhouse. On the contrary, there are many tropical plants that do well in an everyday indoor environment. Indoor plants are easy to care for and are a great way to enjoy living plants year round! Our friendly and helpful staff is always available to help you with selections based on the lighting in your home or office.  Plus we are able to give you the knowledge and tools you need to properly care for them once you take your plants to their new home.

20150630_120355Gorgeous arrangements don’t stop at orchids!  Our staff can create lush, beautiful arrangements for you with tropicals and bromilliads.  Arrangements are easy to care for and enliven any space.

Plant Maintenance and Treatment Options:

In addition to our selection, the experts at Atlantic Avenue Orchid & Garden can recommend plant maintenance options for your home or office.









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