Protect your Plants – Cold Weather Advisory

Cold WeatherAs if we haven’t had our fill of cold weather already this year, it looks like we are going to have a freak cold snap this week.  They are predicting freezing or near freezing temperatures tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night.  Many plants will benefit from overnight protection.

It would be wise to bring any un-planted plants in pots inside or into a garage.  This includes container gardens, hanging baskets, tropical plants, houseplants, bedding flats and other annuals and plants that haven’t been planted yet.  If you can’t bring everything inside, protect them by moving them up onto a porch close to the house.

Any planted annuals should be covered including bedding plants; warm weather vegetable plants such as peppers and tomatoes; and tender herbs like Basil.

To cover these plants we recommend a row cover or cloche (we love Haxnick’s tunnels); frost cloth (also available at the garden center); blankets or heavy sheets; and overturned buckets. Make sure to secure the edges by weighing them down with rocks or other heavy items, or tack them down.

Hardy shrubs and perennial plants withstand freezing temperatures but any existing blooms may not.  It wouldn’t hurt to cover blooms on plants if you want to preserve them.

After these next few days it looks as though the cold nights will be behind us!

If you have any questions, we are here to help – please ask!