Sedum (Stonecrop)


Container garden with drought tolerant sedum, lantana & setcreasea purple queen.

Sedum (Stonecrop) is a wide classification of plants characterized by thick, succulent leaves, most with clusters of small star shaped flowers.  Varieties range from low growing ground covers to tall selections.  They look great from the time they emerge in spring all the way through fall. Foliage colors range from chartreuse green to blueish-gray to reddish-bronze to purple. Once plants are established they need very little supplemental water to thrive and they perform fabulously in almost any climate or application even during drought.  They are forgiving and durable; it is said they are given the common name ‘stonecrop’ because they only thing easier to take care of are stones!  They are forgiving and durable.  Add them to borders, containers, rock gardens, green roofs, or that hot, dry spot in your landscape.  Low growing, spreading varieties are especially gorgeous in between dry rock walls, stepping stones and other crevices.  These easy going plants are a perfect perennial selection and butterflies love them as much as we do!

Sedum Care

Sedums don’t require much special care but they do prefer full sun although they will tolerate part shade.  While they don’t need much attention to grow they do require good drainage – wet feet will make them miserable.

Sedum Cultivars We Love


‘Angelina’ is a vibrant chartreuse low growing variety.  Quickly forms a dense mat of needle like foliage and can spread up to three feet wide but gets just 4″ tall.  Contrasts brilliantly against other plants in containers or the border.  Foliage turns orange in fall.  Blooms yellow.


20150827_104740‘Autumn Charm’ is an attractive variegated variety.  Green leaves are edged in a yellowish-cream.  Flower heads emerge mid summer and bloom dusty-rose colored flowers in fall when color is needed most!  Deer resistant & very drought tolerant.  Grows 18-24″ tall.


20150827_154142‘Autumn Fire’ is a newer cultivar that is an improvement over the popular ‘Autumn Joy’.  ‘Autumn Fire’ features deeper, rich rosy-pink flowers that last longer and grow on sturdier stems. Blooms age to coppery red for stunning late season color.



20150827_104712‘Frosty Morn’ this variegated variety features blue-green foliage contrasted with white.  Pink blooms come in late summer.  Grows to 12″ tall.



20150827_104556‘Lemon Ball’ is similar to ‘Angelina’ but is more heat tolerant, a tad brighter and forms a dense mound.  Grows up to 6″ tall and up to 3′ wide over time.  Yellow flowers in Spring.  A bright addition!



Sedum 'Purple Emperor' via peganum on Flickr‘Purple Emperor’ features dark-purple, nearly black, leaves on purple stems with pink-purple flowers.  Provides a fantastic and dramatic contrast to other plants in the perennial border, rock garden or containers.  Award winner.  Fast growing to 15 in. tall by 1-2 ft. wide.


F118-15 (1)‘Tricolor’ is a low growing variety with small colorful leaves.  As the name implies, each green leaf is edged in pink and white for a very showy sedum selection.  Grows just 4″ tall.



F267-16‘Sieboldii’ (October Daphne) is a classic sedum ground cover featuring thick, round, blue-green, scalloped-edged foliage with deep pink lines.  In fall, foliage turns all pink!


‘Vera Jameson’ adds purple color and great texture to the garden.  Pink flowers in late summer.  Grows 12″ tall.