Tacca integrifolia & Tacca chantrieri (Bat Plant, Bat Flower)

DSC00248From the foliage the rare bat plant seems to be quite usual with it’s handsome, large, ovate-shapped leaves.  It’s when the plant starts to bloom that the bat plants freak flag starts to fly!  The bat plant produces one of the most interesting blooms of all plants and is a fantastic conversation piece for any collector.  Ghoulish blooms resemble a bat in flight with “wings” rising above small flowers with “whiskers” reaching up to a foot in length.  These plants are available just in time to get ready for Halloween! The Tacca chantrieri is the original bat plant featuring deep purple, nearly black blooms.  New to this family, Tacca integrifolia, features blooms with white wings. The white variety can grow much larger that it’s parent.


Bat plants thrive in the home environment, preferring temperatures around 75 degrees with good circulation.  They can be kept outdoors as long as temperatures remain above 55-60 degrees.  Plants like to stay evenly moist but not overly wet with high air humidity and will benefit from misting during periods of dry weather.  Plants should be kept in bright light indoors but not indirect sun. The are heavy feeders and benefit from biweekly fertilizing.