Better Tomato Cages & Cucumber Trellises

Quality Vegetable Supports for Bigger, Cleaner VeggiesStacking Tomato Ladders

We have a variety of new vegetable supports made of durable powder-coated steel. Available for tomatoes and cucumbers

8587039_TomCage_RedV-shaped tomato ladders (shown above) hold fruit laden vines more effectively than regular stakes. Use alone or stack for taller support.  Square tomato cages (right) are taller, wider and stronger than old  fashioned cone-shaped cages. Unlike flimsier designs, these cages are strong enough to support mature vines loaded with fruit. Available in 53″ tall cages for optimal support.  8″ opening provides ample access to fruits when ready to harvest.

Cucumber Trellis

Cucumber Trellises in a lean-to design support heavy loads, allow vines to grow and keep cucumbers off the ground. Make the best use of space by growing lettuce underneath as plants above mature. 48″ square design fits perfectly in a 4 ft raised bed.

These new, high quality vegetable plant supports are sure to make for a more productive garden this season!