New Tomato Plants From the NC Tomato Man!

We have received a new shipment of tomato seedlings from Dr. Craig LeHoullier, local tomato expert and author.  These plants are from his personal collection and grown right here in Raleigh, NC!  Catch him Saturday April 18th for a special talk on tomatoes and his new book.

Available Tomato Seedlings

Hugh’s – huge yellow heirloom, featured in my book
Great White – large nearly white
Bisignano #2 –  Italian heirloom, nearly heart shaped medium red
KBX – potato leaf pale orange, large
JD Special C Tex – large purple
Jaune Flamme – golf ball orange, French heirloom, very tart
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye – large purple with green stripes
Polish –  large pink potato leaf, like Brandywine, yields better
Purple Russian – long purple tasty paste type
Little Lucky – potato leaf medium round yellow with red streaks
Opalka –  long red Polish red paste type
Kellogg’s Breakfast –  large sweet deep orange heirloom
Lemon Drop –  pale yellow, nearly white small cherry tomato
Lillilan’s Red  – nearly heart shaped, red tasty heirloom
Ruby Gold  – also known as Gold Medal – huge yellow with red streaks
Speckled Roman –  long red paste type with gold stripes, delicious
Red Brandywine –  medium red, Pennsylvania heirloom, grows great here
Yellow Brandywine –  large pale orange potato leaf type, probably from late 1800s
Tiger Tom –  golf ball sized round red with gold stripes, very tart
Stump of the World  – large pink fruit, potato leaf heirloom, yields well, superb taste
The following are new Dwarf varieties from the breeding program Dr. LeHoullier leads – all perfect for containers!
Iditarod Red –  golf ball sized red
Perth Pride  – medium round purple, nice tart flavor
Dwarf Sweet Sue  – potato leaf dwarf, bright yellow, one of my favorites
Dwarf Kelly Green –  medium round green when ripe, delicious
Dwarf Arctic Rose –   early, very compact, medium sweet pink fruit
Chocolate Champion  – medium large chocolate colored tasty tomatoes
Sleeping Lady  – medium sized chocolate fruit, sweet taste, early and prolific
Sweet Adelaide  – medium to medium large pink fruit, sweet taste
Yukon Quest  – medium sized pink, very compact, early and sweet
Summertime Green  – large pale green when ripe, one of the best flavored