Types of Roses & Rose Selection


Rose Classes

Climbers: Roses that can be trained along fences or walls. Variable in flower size, form and mature habit.

Hybrid Tea: Large flowers generally one per stem, medium to tall in habit. Long stems suitable for cutting.

Grandiflora: Large flowers in clusters, usually taller in habit, individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting.

Floribunda: Medium flowers in clusters. Often more compact habit with medium length stems.

Knock-Out: Low maintenance, re-blooming shrub roses.

Drift Roses:  New ground cover roses that re-bloom, are low maintenance and disease resistant!

David Austin Roses: Classic English roses. Easy to grow.  Reliable. Fragrant.

Above All – Climbing NEW for 2015

The world acclaimed Westerland with a modern twist! Higher petal and flower count. Gorgeous salmon-orange color, fruity fragrance and disease resistance. Vigorous and hardy – blooms spring to fall.

Blaze Improved – Climbing

Most popular climbing rose. Abundant cluster of pure red flowers. Blooms on new and old wood. Lightly fragrant.

Don Juan – Climbing

Fragrant dark-red climbing roses. Buds are large and dark-red blossoms are shapely. Blooms on new and old wood. Strong rose fragrance. Performs best when night temperatures are warm.

The Golden Showers – Climbing

Award-winning, abundant clusters of fragrant yellow flowers.

Joseph’s Coat – Climbing

Very popular selection. Clusters of double flowers in an ever changing array of colorful hues- red, pink, orange & yellow. Blooms on new and old growth. Light tea fragrance.

New Dawn – Climbing

Hardy and Vigorous. Large, fragrant pale-pink flowers. Blooms on new and old wood.

White Dawn- Climbing
Loads of bright white flowers on a vigorous disease resistant plant. Blooms on new and old wood. Sweet rose scent.

Stormy Weather – Climbing

Mysterious deep smoky purple blues with a touch of cloudy white on the reverse.

Ch-Ching – Grandiflora

Same great plant as it’s parent Strike It Rich but in a bright yellow. Showy clusters of blooms with a delicious spicy-sweet & fruity scent.

Chris Evert- Hybrid Tea

Plants are clean and well behaved. New foliage emerges deep red and matures to green. Blooms are very attractive yellow-orange blushed in scarlet. Moderate fruity fragrance.

Dick Clark – Grandiflora

Black red buds open to blooms of cream & cherry blushed burgundy. Long cutting stems. Easy to grow.

Easy Does It – Floribunda

Delightful sunset shades in mango-orange, peach-pink and apricot! Fabulous flowers and disease resistance. Moderate fruity fragrance.

Easy Going – Floribunda

Just as easy as parent plant Livin’ Easy but in a peachy golden yellow color. Disease resistant.

Fragrant Cloud – Hybrid Tea

Lots of large blooms produced on a vigorous bushy plant with dark, glossy green foliage. Blooms are a beautiful coral-orange and deliciously fragrant – spicy and sweet.

Gold Medal – Grandiflora

Vigorous plants with a constant supply of blooms in deep golden yellow. Long stems, fruity fragrance and resistant leaves.

Happy Go Lucky – Grandiflora

Big, fragrant and full blossoms of pure yellow have the charm of English roses. Vigorous plant and heavy bloomer with moderate fragrance.

Iceburg – Floribunda

One of the top ten roses of the world. Extremely disease resistant, vigorous and abundant blooms. Low maintenance bushy, rounded plant great for hedges.

Julia Child – Floribunda

Buttery yellow blooms with a strong sweet licorice fragrance. Disease resistant and hardy.

Ketchup & Mustard – Floribunda

Petals are bright red on one side and dark yellow on the other side. Compact. Mild fragrance.

Legends – Hybrid Tea

Brilliant, rich, ruby red blooms are huge! Immense and enormous petals start with giant, classic Hybrid Tea shaped buds that slowly spiral into a ruffled show stopping bloom. Interesting reddish-green foliage. Make a perfect cutting stem for a bouquet.

Livin’ Easy – Floribunda

Stunning apricot-orange colored blooms keep coming! Does well in all climates and is easy going.

Memorial Day- Hybrid Tea

Huge old fashioned flowers will fill an entire room with sweet classic rose scent. Vigorous and productive. Loves hot weather.

The Midas Touch – Hybrid Tea

Dazzling yellow color blooms resistant to weather. Moderate fragrance.

Miss All American Beauty – Hybrid Tea

Deep hot pink blooms with a strong fragrance. Contest winner performs well in all climates.

Mister Lincoln – Hybrid Tea

Large pointed buds and rich, well formed, velvet red blooms. Powerful damask rose fragrance. Long stems and dark green leaves.

Neil Diamond – Hybrid Tea

Vigorous upright growth, this variety produces numerous, sizeable, pink and white striped flowers on long stems. Intense sweet & classic rose fragrance.

Neptune – Hybrid Tea

Large, lucious lavender blooms tinged with purple. Abundant blooms on a vital plant.

Perfume Delight – Hybrid Tea

Deep rose pink blooms with a strong rose scent. Long stems on vigorous upright plants.

Pope John Paul II – Hybrid Tea

Among the most fragrant of white roses of all time! Exceptional. Vigorous grower that produces an abundance of flowers and is disease resistant.

Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora

First and finest grandiflora pleases with a profusion of large pink blooms on long stemmed clusters. Consistent performer with moderate fragrance.

Rio Samba – Hybrid Tea

Brightly colored medium-sized flowers in small clusters make a vibrant garden display. Gorgeous yellow blushed with pink and orange.

Sugar Moon – Hybrid Tea

Pure white blooms with intense sweet citrus and rose scent. Vigorous plant with long cutting stems.

Strike It Rich– Grandiflora

Loads of blooms, spicy fragrance, gold blossoms polished with rosy pink. Long lasting, disease resistant and vigorous. Strong sweet spice & fruit.

Sunsprite – Floribunda

Deep, lasting yellow color with super sweet fragrance. Glossy, deep green leaves on an attractive bushy plant with good disease resistance.

Tiffany – Hybrid Tea

Pure pink with yellow base. Super sweet fragrance.

Tropicana – Hybrid Tea

This carries a great reputation world wide. Large shapely blooms in coral orange with sweet fruity fragrance on long stems.

Twilight Zone – Grandiflora

Deep velvet purple blooms with a hint of smoke. Seductive fragrance in spicy clove and lemony citrus. Old rose form.

Tess of the D’urbervilles – David Austin Rose
Large crimson blooms, beautifully formed double full bloom. Old rose fragrance. Medium sized shrub with robust growth.

Graham Thomas – David Austin Rose
Beautiful double yellow blooms in a rich color. Medium strong, fresh tea fragrance.

Pat Austin – David Austin Rose
Stunning copper blooms with copper-yellow on the petal’s reverse. Large double bloom English roses has a warm, sensuous fragrance.

Strawberry Hill – David Austin Rose
Gorgeouse double rose-pink blooms with lighter pink edges. Medium blooms on medium shrub plants. Myrrh fragrance.

The Generous Gardener – David Austin Rose
Strong old rose, musky fragrance in a very soft double pink. Delicate and charming.

Mustead Wood – David Austin Rose

Deep Velvety crimson blooms. Strong old rose fragrance with fruity notes. Forms a broad, bushy shrub. Simple to grow, low maintenance.