Urban Gardening Weekend!

Next weekend – April 27th & 28th
in celebration of Earth Day & Arbor Day!

Plants benefit our environment and our health!  They improve air quality, can assist in household energy savings, reduce erosion and run-off as well as block out noise pollution. Join us for a weekend to learn how to garden even if you have limited time and space.

Saturday Classes:
9 am – Vegetable Gardening Q&A
Casual Q&A every Saturday for all your edible gardening questions.  Let us assist you with vegetable and herb gardening in a traditional row garden, in containers or utilizing square foot gardening techniques.  Whether you have questions about where to start, how to grow, or specific questions on pests, disease and other problems we are here to help!

11 am – Designing Potted Water Gardens
Are you short on space or don’t want to undertake putting in an in-ground pond?  Potted water gardens are perfect for your deck, patio or small yard.  Enjoy the relaxing sound of water in your garden on a smaller scale.  Learn how to select a suitable container, what to use as a filter & water feature, how to incorporate plants and how much water you need for a fish or two.

2 pm – Landscaping with Compact Trees and Shrubs
Do you have limited space for your landscaping?  Learn the best methods and plants for creating a landscape even in the smallest yards.

3 pm – Sq. Ft. Gardening
Do you have limited space for gardening but would like to grow your own food?  Learn about the benefits of Square Foot Gardening!  We’ll go over how to get started, and how to maintain and harvest your own square foot garden.

Sunday Classes:
2 pm – Adding Perennials & Shrubs to Containers
Whether you have limited space or just want to add some flare to your containers this talk is for you!  We’ll discuss adding perennials and small shrubs to your annual container gardens.

3 pm – Earth Box Gardening
Do you have limited space for gardening but would like to grow your own food?  Learn about this wonderful little container – the Earth Box!  We’ll teach you everything you need to know about growing your own herbs and vegetables in this one clever container.

Kids Activities:  We’ll have baby chickens on display plus a pizza garden station!

Pizza Garden planting station – Bring your own egg carton to reuse or use one of ours to plant basil, oregano, green pepper, tomato and onion seeds to take home and transfer to your garden later this season!  This activity teaches kids about the rewards of gardening and growing your own food.  Plus encourages responsibility through caring for the plants and watching them grow from sprouting to transplanting to harvesting!

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