Valentine’s Day

We have the best gifts for your valentine! From beautiful flowers, to blooming shrubs to gardening gifts we have the perfect gift for anyone.

Valentine’s Day flowers that bloom until Spring!

Pink Orchids for Valentine reduced

Flowers have become a staple for the Valentine’s Day holiday.  Why buy roses or cut flowers that die in days when you can give an orchid that will bloom for months?  At the same cost of a cut flower arrangement you can buy a phalaenopsis orchid that can bloom for up to 4-6 months!  Most other varieties of orchids will bloom up to 2 months!  The plant will live forever and bloom again with proper care.  There is a common misconception that orchids are difficult to take care of.  The truth is that orchids are easy to care for and thrive on neglect!

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We have hunValentine Orchid Arrangement Reduceddreds of orchids to choose from plus dozens of made up arrangements ready to go at all times!  Select a gorgeous blooming container already put together or work with our staff to create a custom arrangement.  From a single orchid in a simple container to a more elaborate arrangement with multiple plants – we have options for every budget.  Our staff adds moss and willow to every orchid at no additional cost for an elegant look you can’t get anywhere else! Our friendly and helpful staff will help you decide on the perfect combination of orchids and tropicals and give you a care sheet to take home.  Phone orders accepted for pick-up or delivery.

Blooming Shrubs for the Garden

apricotWe have fabulous blooming shrubs for garden loving valentines!  Choose from fragrant Daphne, a tremendous selection of gorgeous Camellias, Prunus Mume (flowering apricot) and Edgeworthia.

Hardy winter blooming shrubs extend the beauty of the garden into another season and provide colorful blooms year after year when most everything is barren!

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens make a great gift.  Choose from a variety of indoor dish gardens with adorable miniature accessories including small grab-and-go creations perfect for daughters, grand-daughters,  and friends.

Terrariums, Dish Gardens & Glass Globes

Terrariums croppedWe have a fantastic selection of terrariums and indoor gardens in the garden center right now!  Choose from large dish gardens, planted terrariums or gorgeous air plant globes for tables, counter tops or hanging in a window.  If your valentine likes to do the planting the gift of a workshop always makes for a thoughtful gift.

Nora Fleming


We have new valentine’s toppers for our Nora Fleming serve ware.  Nora Fleming simplifies entertaining by providing one platter for every occasion.   Just switch out the toppers to go from holidays, to birthdays, to every days!  Red heart topper is perfect to pair with Valentine’s Day treats or to use for showers and anniversaries.  XOXO topper is new this year and a great addition to your collection!

We always have a great selection of gifts for any occasions.  From garden tools and accessories to wonderful home décor items including serveware, candles, and much more!  Stop by and let one of our sales staff help you in selecting the perfect gift.

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