Vinca – Loads of Blooms Through Summer Heat

Catharanthus roseus

There is a lot to love about annual vinca.  It is easy going and forgiving even for the most neglectful of gardeners.  They do best with moderate moisture but will tolerate some drought- making them perfect for hanging baskets, containers and mailbox plantings.  You can come home at the end of the day to find them wilted, and a splash of water will have them springing back to life in no time. Their glossy green leaves and bright prolific blooms come on strong and continue until frost.  They tolerate a variety of growing conditions and often re-seed the next year. They are unwavering through the heat of summer and are “self cleaning,” requiring no deadheading.  Most varieties are mounding upright growing 6-16” tall and wide with new trailing varieties also available (hanging basket of ‘Cora Cascade Magenta’ shown right.)  Trailing varieties stay around 6” tall but can grow up to three feet wide!  Both varieties are ideal full sun selections for planters and borders.  These flowers look equally as beautiful in mass plantings of the same, or a mix of colors.  Available in shades of pink, lavender/blue, white, red, and even black!